SunRail Celebrating One Year!

We always love documenting SunRail events.  SunRail trains were abuzz with activity on May 1, 2015 as the Florida Department of Transportation, local elected officials and celebrity guests joined with passengers for a day-long celebration marking SunRail’s first anniversary of service.

Updated SunRail 101 Videos

It’s always exciting to get the opportunity to do more work for SunRail.  This month we consolidated the SunRail 101 videos down to 3 videos.

Check out the first video here and visit the Ride SunRail Youtube Channel for more info.

Civil War Shipwreck on the
St. Johns River

We recently visited the Mandarin Museum near Jacksonville, Florida and met with Sandy Arpen, President of the Board of Directors for the Mandarin Museum and Historical Society. She discusses some of the history of a sunken Civil War ship called the Mapleleaf.

For more information about the museum, check out the website:

Mandarin Museum & Historical Society
11964 Mandarin Road Jacksonville, FL 32223 | (904)268-0784
Open Saturdays 9-4 and for scheduled tours


Bartram Trail Video Installation

Sailforth put in two video installations this month: one for River of Lakes Heritage Corridor at the Daytona International Airport and another for the Bartram Trail in Putnam County at the Water Works Environmental Education Center in Palatka.

Sam Carr, chairman of the Bartram Trail in Putnam County says, “This is a great addition to the Environmental Education Center. Visitors will get the video presentation and be able to view all 20 site and workshop videos.  I can’t wait until we get our first group of fifth-graders to learn about Billy Bartram in their home town.

Special thanks to Phil Davis and Scott for their installation and to Dick Franz and Plat Drew for their supervision.  This is a real treasure for the City, the WWEEC and the Bartram Trail in Putnam County.  We hope to get the Bartram ‘mural’ installed in the WW as well.”

Upper St. Johns River Basin Restoration Project

We were lucky enough to spend a day out on the river with some gents from the St. Johns River Water Management District.  In this video Ed Garland talks about the Upper River Basin Restoration Project.

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How the St. Johns River Changes

This month we released some of the first videos for the St. Johns River Alliance.  In this video we met with Dean Campbell, who not only kayaked the entire St. Johns River, but also grew up on the river and worked 30+ years for the St. Johns River Water Management District.

St. Johns River Alliance

This month we started working on the St. Johns River Alliance project, which will include 20 short youtube videos along with a 20 minute video. The focus of the videos will be to provide info on the numerous access points. The St. Johns River Alliance, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, was formed in 2003. Their mission is to preserve, protect, promote, restore and celebrate the St. Johns River as an American Heritage River in recognition of its ecological, historic, economic, recreational and cultural significance, so that the public may gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the river’s importance to the quality of life for current and future generations.

For more information about the SJRA please visit their website or the St. Johns River Blueway YouTube Channel.

River of Lakes Heritage Corridor

Sailforth has just completed productions on the River of Lakes Heritage Corridor video which will be on display at the Daytona Beach International Airport as well as the DeLand Chamber of Commerce. The video is also featured on the website we put together There are also 50 videos of the area that we posted on the corridor’s Youtube Channel as well.

Bartram Trail in Putnam County

Sailforth recently finished production on the Bartram Trail in Putnam County video which will be a permanent installation on the riverfront at the River Educational Center (when constructed) in Palatka. The video is hosted by Sam Carr and Dean Campbell as they retrace the steps of the Bartrams along the St. Johns River in Putnam County. The video also includes appearances by Bartram academics along with paddling tips for those that are interested in exploring the area. For more information on all 31 sites in Putnam County, please visit the Bartram Trail in Putnam County website and their Youtube Channel.