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About Us

Sailforth is an agile team that yields exponential results. We specialize in cross-media projects, helping clients find their vision and express it across video, web, devices, social media and print.


Stephanie Liskey
Managing Partner

Project management, art direction, architectural/ usability design, motion graphics, web design, print design. Researches story and image resources for interpretive projects. 20 years experience in multimedia development.

  • takes photos of everyone
  • paints portraits


Phil Davis
Managing Partner

Project management, script writing and interpretive research, video director, map expertise (human GPS), architect/ builder of kiosks, instructional design. Over 20 years experience in multimedia and training development.

  • prefers working morning hours at coffee shops with an iced tea in hand
  • has an indie band called Peyote Moon


Scott Davis
Multimedia Specialist

Multimedia specialist, video editor, web developer, sound engineer, social media, loves shooting underwater footage with the GoPro cam. 9 years experience in multimedia.

  • getting a handle on duplicating Starbucks coffee drinks
  • new Dad of Kajus, born December 19, 2012


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