Multimedia & Training

Multimedia & Training

Stephanie and Phil have worked on forms of multimedia for many years, and spanning many companies. Much of what we used to deliver on CD-ROM is now web-based. These projects give an idea of the variety of clients we have had, and our experience with writing content, developing a training materials, and integration of video into many kinds of project.


Our team has a background in training, and have individually and together created interactive training courses for the Army, Navy, and USAID at companies previous to DTS and Sailforth. These featured projects were done as part of the DTS team.

Sociocultural Effects Training for Departments of Transportation

This project won an award of excellence from Federal Highways Administration. Our team created standup training, manuals and an interactive CD-ROM with flash menus, comedic video scenarios to highlight learning points, libraries of links, textual information, and instructional videos. GIS professionals at DTS acted as subject matter experts, writers and actors on the team, and Allen Ibaugh was a primary stand-up trainer for this course. DTS personnel have presented this training in various locations around the USA., including Illinois, Pennsylvania, NJ, Alaska, Utah, Washington, and Maryland DOT.


Lynx (Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority) Emergency Management Training

Lynx Transportation Service required emergency management training and an update of their Homeland Security procedures. The training designed included extensive video role-play scenarios which involved simulated emergency situations. Trainees had to respond to the situation and determine solutions. The training also included an emergency drill orchestrated by DTS personnel, a sub-consultant, and LYNX Management. The drills and emergencies involved live situations in which actors played roles. In the improvised emergency operations center, our team videotaped participants and trainees, and we played videos back for the participants during the team debrief. Out team also took part in a citywide emergency drill, which involved local police, EMTs, hospitals, emergency, and fire departments.



URISA Conference Coverage

Our team has been involved in the GIS-Pro URISA conference for years, and in 2014, Allen Ibaugh, partner in Sailforth and CEO of DTS, is the President of URISA this year. In the past two years, the Sailforth team took photos, shot video of sessions and Keynotes, and live-streamed video of various events and speeches online. Scott Davis coordinated with the URISA technical team on the video stream and web chat elements. Our team has developed videos promoting the conference, and also maintained a YouTube Channel for URISA. Phil Davis formed and managed a DTS company band to perform at one URISA conference in Florida and one in Indianapolis, Indiana. Peyote Moon, Phil’s own band, also played at the event in Florida.


Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff’s Advisory Council CD

In 2002, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office received a grant to educate other police departments around the country about their very successful community policing program, called ShAdCo (Sheriff’s Advisory Council). Phil and Stephanie shot videos – mostly interviews with police and citizen participants in the program, and authored a CD overview of the program, with sections on how to start one, what succeeds and fails, and many testimonials about how it fights crime in the community. We also designed a brochure for distribution, and produced a television public service announcement about ShAdCo.


GIS Corps Interactive CD-ROM

In 2005, we went to the annual URISA (The Association for GIS Professionals) conference in Kansas City, where we interviewed the members of a new volunteer organization formed to help people in need/and in disasters around the world. Phil and Stephanie produced a CD-ROM which prospective GISCORPS members could peruse to decide whether to join – we wrote the script/structure and edited all the video into a compelling tour of what it was like to volunteer.


SR 48 PD&E Study & Wave Transit CDs

FDOT needed a simple CD-ROM to store images, reports, and documents. We authored a CD that included a PDF reader, so users could scroll through the documents and reports on the CD, as well as page through the images. The Wave Transit CD was similar in that it was a library of information with interactive PDFs, web links, photos, and other documents.


FDOT Work Program

Sailforth staff, as the multimedia extension of DTS, created interactive CD-ROMs each year, supervised or performed creation of before/after roadway imagery, shot and edited an overall video to introduce the Work Program each year, gathered the projects to be mapped, organized, and wrote speeches, set up audiovisual elements for the presentations. Allen was involved with winning, coordinating, and presenting the project, which we worked on for many years. This was an extensive project each year, which included the GIS department of DTS (map creation) and programming department of DTS (coding for websites.) Samples of video we developed are included in the video section of this site. In 2012, we developed an overall video explaining the Work Program, and streamed video from the Public Hearing live as it occurred.