Bartram Trail in Putnam

Bartram Trail in Putnam County

Sailforth Productions has produced an array of products for the Bartram Trail in 2013/2014. We include it in this section because trails require similar planning and deliverables to byways. The Bartram Trail in Putnam County uniquely features a waterway (the St. Johns River) as the backbone of the trail.

William Bartram was famous for his U.S. travels, and his stops in Florida are highlights in his famous book, Travels. Putnam County is making an effort to highlight his presence along the St. Johns River.

Consequently, the annual Bartram Trails conference will be held in Palatka in 2015, bringing people from as far as England. The Natural History Museum in London was a key help in this project, donating scans of some of William Bartram’s delicate drawings and paintings from his tour of the region.

We are currently in production on the final overall HD video installation for the water taxi terminal building. We will also have videos displayed as part of the tour in the water taxi.
Sailforth is also on schedule to produce a large map brochure of the Bartram Trail in May 2014.


Deliverables Sailforth has completed for the Bartram Trail in 2014 include:

  • Graphics & architectural input for the website Putnam County programmed for the Bartram Trail
  • Created an integrated identity for the Bartram Trail in Putnam:  logos & trail signs
  • Two banner designs for the Bartram tent/booth
  • Three 47″ x 36″ interpretive kiosks designed and ordered
  • Filming of the experts panel opening the project, and posting of these videos on YouTube
  • Creation of YouTube channel for the Bartram Trail in Putnam
  • Produced 5000 8.5″ x 11″ print brochures for the Bartram Trail in Putnam
  • Shot and edited site videos of over 30 points along the Bartram Trail at the St. Johns River in Putnam County – to be integrated with online storymaps, and posted on YouTube
  • Additional short videos for the Bartram YouTube channel
  • Projected Videos in Downtown Palatka with full sound system on March 1, the date of the ribbon cutting for the downtown kiosk
  • Designed and ordered patches and bumper stickers based on the logo