Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway

Featured Project: Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway

Sailforth Productions headed up the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway Master Plan in 2011, and produced materials and video as part of that project. We then spent 2012 implementing more of the plan with a contract for a new website & phone application, and another contract for interpretive panels. Initial planning meetings for the Master Plan were set up by Planning Communities, and Kimley-Horn was our engineering partner on the Master Plan, attending several meetings along the byway, and writing content for the Black Bear Brochure we produced.


Phone App
Interpretive Panels
Interpretive Panels
Volunteer Kiosk Program
Video Installation


Deliverables Sailforth has completed for FBBSB during 2011-2013 include:

  • Master Plan for FBBSB, which won the Lake-Sumter MPO Horizon Award for Exemplary Planning Policy in January, 2013
  • Integrated identity for FBBSB: logo, tagline, themes
  • 5,000 Bear awareness brochures produced
  • 10,000 placemats produced
  • Over 20 interpretive installations
  • Innovative Volunteer Kiosk Plan to get interpretation up quickly
  • Full production of a 40 minute HD video
  • Deliver Video on DVD, Museum style HD installation, and YouTube Channel
  • New adaptive website integrated with social media:
  • Establishment of Four “Gateway Cities”
  • Rich Travel App for the phone produced
  • Youtube Channel filled with videos which link to the phone and web
  • 10,000 promotional cards produced for promotion of web/app along byway

The heart of our marketing push for FBBSB is the website & travel app, which help to promote the video, interpretive information, kiosks and other materials. The website encourages travelers to explore the area, and is responsive to the device used. The website and app give faraway travelers a chance to peruse the video, maps and in-depth travel information about the region in a fun and intuitive way. It’s simple for a visitor to the website to download the new phone app.

This app draws international and local attention to one of only a handful of National Scenic Byways in Florida. FBBSB intends to build a strong regional identity which will benefit the counties the byway serves.