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FDOT Recognizes Glenn Burns with Garry Balogh Award

Over the last ten years or so, we have produced numerous videos for scenic byways programs. Garry Balogh was our scenic byway director in FDOT District 5 for many years where he was a huge promoter of the byway program.

Garry was such an inspiration that after he passed away, an annual award was created in his name: The Garry Balogh Inspiring Excellence Award. The award is presented annually to someone nominated by one of the grassroots byways organizations in Florida. These are always wonderful people who have contributed above and beyond.

The 2017 winner was Glenn Burns, who has actually known Garry well and worked with him on projects. We shot a video to commemorate the event for the Florida Scenic Highways Program blog. It was a beautiful evening for us personally, as we knew Garry, and also have worked with Glenn. Glenn was a dark horse for the award, in the sense that he did very momentous things quietly and behind the scenes.

It was great to learn more of what he had accomplished over the years, and see him get recognized not only by the statewide program, but by his friends, family and close byway colleagues.