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Sailforth continues to add more videos to the St. Johns River Alliance Youtube channel. Here’s one about paddling the river featuring Greg Pflug from

On the St. Johns River there’s heaps and miles and stretches that…
if you’re by yourself here paddling – you just think back, you know when the
Timucuan were running through here, it looked exactly like this except maybe
the trees were better – you know. And you didn’t hear airplanes or something.

People get out there and the first comment is – once we get our civilization is – how
peaceful and how beautiful it is.

The St. Johns River…well for one thing it’s beautifully wide
the paddling is exhausting – you could paddle up here for a year and probably
not go on all the tributaries.

One of the best thing to do is do a beginner trip with either Greg with
Adventures in Florida or a beginner trip with our meet-up group
and we provide kayaks in we have what we call friendly first-timers where we get
them in the water and do some basic training so that they can learn correctly how to paddle a boat.

Like I said, we guide rivers all over the world and we do a lot of rivers out west
in Colorado, Utah, Montana and you can’t even go on those rivers without
a permit that you got a year in advance for 11 months in advance you have to know the
name the people you’re gonna take on the river.

Right now we can take a month and go down the river and we can get
all our fresh drinking water out of springs that we don’t have to filter…
you’re free to use this public river and it hasn’t changed that much.

You know, Florida’s taken steps to protect it and they find value in
that natural beauty, in that natural resource.