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Sailforth has taken photography for events, safety, promotions, and general marketing since 2012.

Byways & Trails

For over a decade, our team has delivered projects for byways and trails. This gallery of images features Florida projects, since the majority of our work is done here. These photos are from individual byway projects, images captured for the statewide byway program in Florida, and highlighted trail projects. We often shoot photos as part of a larger project (website, calendars, brochures, interpretive panels, plans and marketing) we are involved in.


This gallery is not “portraits” per se, but shows our love for capturing people in their element as part of our projects. Most of these feature SunRail riders and staff. Others are connected with tourism, trails and byways.


Our work with SunRail since 2012 has drawn us into many safety campaigns. These are images the overall SunRail marketing team could use in various campaigns in print or social media to raise awareness.